Creating Digital Creative Spaces

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In a world of the Netflix binge, the rushed commute, and meals on the go, it’s hard to carve out a space for creativity. A place where you can feel inspired, motivated, challenged. So how, in a hectic environment, do you create digital creative spaces that allow your ingenuity to flourish?

Creative spaces are common in childhood. Days were filled with inspirations and creative possibilities. Escaping into imaginary worlds whilst playing with friends. Painting, sculpting play dough, collaging, drawing. Building forts from card board boxes, sand sculptures on the beach, dens in the fields behind your house. Discovering new things – every day! It is part of the joys of childhood, something that we sadly seem to lose as we get older.

I have been on a personal mission, over the past year or two, to regain my creativity. Now I may not be spending my days in a cardboard fort, but I have been learning all about photography, drawing more, writing more and generally trying to carve out what I call creative spaces that inspire me to be that little more imaginative.

And in a world where our phones, tablets or laptops are never far from our reach it makes sense to utilise the digital when creating a space for inspiration and ingenuity.

Digital Creativity Tools and Outlets

Your Phone

I come across so many inspirational when out and about. In days gone by I’d have carried a notepad and pen to store these. But now I can snap a photo using my phone or save a quote or an idea to my notes. I’m not saying these won’t be transferred to a notebook or sketch book at a later period – but it does at least mean I won’t lose that grain of inspiration in all the mania of daily life.


I love using online applications to create graphics that support my blog work. They allow me to get a message across quickly and concisely and I love playing with eye grabbing colours and textures. Below are all mock up graphics I’ve created on Canva using a scene creator bundle of 40 movable objects and flat lay backgrounds.


Pinterest is a huge source of creative inspiration for me, allowing me to create digital vision boards for everything from my (hopefully) impending home renovation to how to take better photos for my blog. You can follow me, and all my inspiring pins, on pinterest here.


I use instagram for both sourcing creative inspiration and as an output of my own creative experiments. I spend (probably) a little too much time on instagram, saving photos that I love and watching how some of my favourite magical instagrammer’s create their own works. Those who already follow me can probably tell that I’ve started seeping elements of magic into my own feed. From animated videos to editing photos to put me in a snowy scene or to appear as though I’m floating away at the end of a giant bundle of balloons – it’s all a touch of magic (and brings me the very same joy as that fort of cardboard boxes).

How to create a digital creative space

I hope some of these digital spaces for creativity will help you to regain some inspiration yourself.

Tell me, how do you make sure you’re able to find the space and tools for creativity?

This post has been sponsored by Design Bundles.  All thoughts and feelings expressed remain true to my own thoughts and findings.

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