A Mini Summer Capsule

Charli stands in front of an old wall wearing her mini summer capsule wardrobe: mom jeans and a peasant blouse.

When the sun shines bright and the temperatures soar I crave simple, carefree easy dressing. The type of dressing where you don’t have to think about what to throw. You already know it’s going to look great. On those sun drenched days, a mini summer capsule is my go to!

Regular readers will know that I love a capsule wardrobe. And, although my wardrobe seems to have expanded past the strict thirty pieces that I began my capsule journey with, I am still very much a fan of curating my wardrobe for maximum wear and minimal effort. One way that I do this is by creating a mini summer capsule within my larger wardrobe.

Charli sits on a fence in a meadow wearing her mini summer capsule wardrobe: shorts and a peasant blouse.

My summers are filled with days spent outdoors. Lazing on the beach. Walking the dog around Devon’s many nature trails. Scoffing cream teas in National Trust cafes or slurping Moulds Mariniere from beach shacks. Sunning myself in a beer garden – white wine spritzer in hand and a split open packet of salt and vinegar crisps to share. My summer wardrobe needs to reflect this and so separates reign supreme. And, as much as I love a floral summer dress, I just don’t find them as versatile. Instead, I love shorts. In fact, I’m all about the shorts. My entire wardrobe contains four pairs right now – and that isn’t counting the playsuits!

Due to this loves of shorts, my “mini capsule” centres around them. It contains six items that mix and match perfectly with each other. The items follow a simple colour palette of neutrals and bolder colour pops. Surprise, surprise! The colour pops are blue and red – colours that you’ll see pop up time and time again in my wardrobe. They are colours that I know look great against my colouring come rain or shine – or against my freckled/alabaster white complexion. The items are also classic staples – items that won’t go out of style. Items that, with a little care and attention, can be pulled out of your wardrobe summer after summer. After all, durability is as essential as compatibility when building a wardrobe that will reduce your fashion consumption.

Charli sits on a fallen tree amongst woodlands wearing her mini summer capsule wardrobe: shorts and a statement blazer.

The Items

The chino short. A versatile item as perfect for long walks in the parks as it is wearing out for dinner or to the office. Just throw on a blazer to dress up or a camisole to dress down. These can easily be swapped out for a skirt if you prefer.

The statement blazer. We all know I love a blazer that stands out. It is the item that can tie a mini capsule together and make even the most basic of items sing. You can read all my tips for choosing the perfect statement blazer here.

Charli sits on a fallen log beside the river wearing her mini summer capsule wardrobe: denim shorts and a statement blazer.

A camisole. A basic of any wardrobe. A simple item perfect for layering or wearing on its own. All of mine are neutral colours for ultimate versatility. Black, white, grey and beige are all great colour options.

Your favourite jeans. We all have a favourite pair that we favour time and time again. For me, it is a pair of ripped mom jeans. I just love the high waist design and laid back feel.

Charli paddles through a river wearing her mini summer capsule wardrobe: denim shorts and a peasant blouse.

A blouse. Buttoned up or off the shoulder – the design choice is all yours. Just make sure it’s a design that makes you feel good. A little bit of colour or a bold print really helps to make your other basics pop.

Denim shorts. Another wardrobe staple. The chances are you own a pair already. If you don’t, they make a great investment piece that will never go out of style. I like mine super short, but a slightly longer pair would look just as great.

Charli stands in a park wearing her mini summer capsule wardrobe: mom jeans and a statement blazer.

Of course, you can easily add to this mini summer capsule. In fact, it would make a great base for an entire summer wardrobe. Adding in basic items like chinos, a denim jacket and a plain white shirt or t-shirt would give you so many more options for mixing and matching. You could also add a full skirt or linen dress for more formal occasions. Just stick to the basic principles of a few special items amongst a host of basics that fit your favourite colour palette and really, the possibilities are endless.

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