Christmas Traditions: how to create the ultimate corny family Christmas card

Christmas Traditions: how to create the ultimate corny family Christmas card

It may be corny, but creating the family Christmas card is one of my favourite festive traditions.

We all have Christmas traditions right? Morning beach walks in our Christmas jumpers. Drinking a little too much of the sloe gin whilst decanting to smaller, present-sized bottles. Champagne and smoked salmon for breakfast. Putting up the tree the first weekend of December … okay I may have jumped the gun this year – but that’s lockdown life, right? And, of course, there is the annual family Christmas card. And this year, we have a very exciting new edition to include!

Why send a bespoke Christmas card?

You have to admit, cards can be a bit boring right? A little bit disposable. What do you do with the stack that arrive year after year? I have friends who recycle – they spend the next 6 months cutting, layering, glueing and creating new Christmas cards from the old. Then, come November when the time comes to start writing out the many, ‘Have a great time’ messages, they have a stack of unique hand made cards to send out.

I’m not that patient though. Now am I that organised. In fact, it’s fast approaching the end of November and I only started thinking about my annual Christmas card today. Bad, I know, but luckily, snapping a picture, editing it, and printing it out takes a lot less time than crafting from recycled material. And, thankfully, it still has that personal touch that means your card isn’t going to end up in the bin come twelfth night.

Okay, some might still. But I know for a fact that friends and family members comment on the cards I send. They ring me up to say thank you and send me messages about how lovely it is to see the latest picture. In fact, my old neighbours called today and asked if we’d be doing a family card this year. They’re both in their 80s and our card from last year is displayed proudly on their mantlepiece. My Grandma also has last year’s card framed and added to her gallery wall of family photos. Because a personalised card is just that little more special – it brings a little more joy to the people who receive them. And brings a little longevity to a passing season.

Now that we have a baby to add to the mix, I can’t wait to see the story of our family growing in a series of Christmas cards over the coming years. I’m even debating having them all framed and proudly displayed in our hallway. Or is that a step too far? Maybe I’ll only bring them out at Christmas!

Creating your card

I always plan our card in advance. I think about how I want it to look and what quirks I want it to have. I like our personality to shine through and our humour to bring a smile to the face of those who receive it. I like it to be corny, with matching Christmas jumpers, dogs sporting silly hats a backdrop of some of our favourite places.

Once it is snapped, I head off to Lightroom for a spot of editing – to add my favourite presets and make my image pop. And then into Canva to add some layers – snowflakes make a great addition for that wintery feel. I can also add my own fonts in Canva. Font bundles are a fantastic resource for finding and downloading a free font that will really make your Christmas cards sing. I like to pick one that feels like us. I tend to pick a bold, modern display font for the front of the card – something that stands out amongst the other cards. Then I use a handwritten or calligraphy font for the interior of the card.

There are many card printing sites where you can upload your designs and have them printed. Just google ‘print your own cards’ and you’ll be met with a host of printing services. Many offer expedited delivery or 24hour postage to make sure you receive them in time for the Christmas posting dates. I strongly recommending proofing, proofing and proofing again. None of the sites offer returns if you’ve left a glaring typo in the middle of your card.

To keep the personal touch, I always handwrite my cards. I add a short message for the recipient, recount a story to them, or remind them of something we did together. After all, a christmas card is sent to bring joy and connectivity and even a personal card can lose it if you simply scribble, ‘Regards, Charli’ at the bottom.

This year’s festive cards

And this year’s Christmas card? Well, you can see a few examples in this post. We’re sending a couple of designs this year. Because we want to make sure everyone receives something unique to make them feel that extra bit special. After all, we all need something a little more special this year. Right?

And you’ll just have to follow my instagram to see the whole family spectacular!

This post has been sponsored by Font Bundles.  All thoughts and opinions remain my own. 

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