High Street Lingerie: Bravissimo Millie Fuller Bust Bra Review

Charli wears a pale green balconette bra and high waisted briefs. She is standing face on and looking across her shoulder. She is smiling.

When it comes to fuller bust bras, Bravissimo always has you covered. The Millie bra is one of their best sellers, but does it live up to the ‘comfiest bra ever’ reviews?

I’ve been going through a bra dilemma. Pregnancy, breast feeding and nearly two years spent at home means I’ve been living in nursing or wireless bras. So imagine my shock when I pulled out a trusted bra to wear to an in-person meeting only to realise I now had major quad boob!

Yes, my breasts changed size. My back has shrunk, my breasts have grown and gravity has started to take its toll. It was like starting all over again. Being 16 and not understanding my own growing breasts. Luckily, Bravissimo and it’s full bust range came to the rescue with about 8 different bras purchased in 4 different sizes. And my favourite was definitely the Millie – and not just because of the fresh, pastel mint colour way.


The Millie Bra is a soft-cup balconette bra made from a three part construction and underwires. The cups are made from a sheer stretch lace that has elasticity at the top and a firmer, lined lace in the bottom cup panels. The lace has a soft scallop edge that gives a seamless contour to the breast and the stretch lace accommodates hormonal changes to the breast tissue without causing quad boob or side spillage. The bra also comes with a side sling to sculpt the breasts forwards and helps migrate misplaced bra tissue back into the cup. The sheer stretch lace at the top of the bra is lined and opaque when wearing a JJ cup or above.

Millie is supported with a wide back-band overlaid with the same scallop edge of the cups. It is closed by a 2-hook and eye closure for smaller sizes and a 3-hook and eye closure for added support in GG and/or backs above a 34. For reference, I’m wearing a 34HH which comes with the 3-hook closure for firmer back support.

The bra has fairly narrow straps that are fully adjustable with plastic sliders. The straps are overlaid with tapered lace at the join with the cups or back band.

The Millie is an exceptionally pretty and classic bra with a hint of romance with the fresh pastel colours. It comes in 8 colours ways including a soft ivory that would be perfect for fuller bust bridal wear.


Charli wears a pale green balconette bra whilst standing side on with her head tilted back whilst she looks at the camera.

The seams of the three-part construction give the breasts uplift whilst retaining a supported and natural shape. The seams mould and sculpt your breast upwards with the scalloped lace creating a smooth silhouette. The balconette styles means that the straps are wider set, creating a full, uplifted look without what I like to call ‘crater cleavage’. This is my way of saying that it gives a very natural feel to the uplift with less projection to the breasts. The wider set is caused by the underwires being a wider set than in brands such as Curvy Kate. The balconette shape does mean that this bra is great for low hung breasts (like mine) as the lift comes from the bottom of the breast.

The construction of the Millie bra also offers great support. It definitely passes the stair test (literally running up and down the stairs several time) and retains its shape and support throughout the day. The wider straps and firm band means that the back does all the heavy lifting of the breast tissue, leaving my shoulders free and easy for the day.


I will be honest here – I’m still figuring out my post-breastfeeding size! In the past few weeks I’ve tried many bras. We’re talking many styles, in many different sizes, from many different brands. That said, I’m wearing a 34HH here and it’s a fairly good fit on me. The 34 band feels fairly firm with little stretch – even after multiple wears. This is good as it means the elastic if firm and you’ll get more wear out of it. It also means that you may want to consider going up a back size in this style.

The cup itself is also quite shallow. In these pictures I’m suffering a little menstrual swelling in the breasts. This means that the bra is pushed to it’s limits of a good fit. The stretch lace means I can get away with it – but you can see that my breasts are almost escaping into quad-boob territory. If you are between sizes, or sister sizing, I definitely think sizing up in the cup would be a good option.

Just a quick note, you’ll see some wrinkling of the fabric beneath my left breast. I have asymmetry of the breast tissue (we all do, but mine is slightly more pronounced). Because of this, my left breast doesn’t fill that cup as well as the right, causing a slight slackness against the underwire. This is normal on me.

Price and Comfort

I always find a balconette bra to be the comfiest of bras and this is no exception. It is my favourite bra to wear right now (and not just because of the beautiful mint colour). It wears well throughout the day with minimal adjustments and the stretch lace wears well, even beneath cotton t-shirts.

The bra is very true to Bravissimo pricing, retailing at £34 with the matching knickers costing £16 – £18 depending on style.

At the time of writing, the Millie bra comes in 8 colour options and is a staple Bravissimo style so the colour offerings can be expected to grow. And I’m pretty sure the same can be said for the Millie in my own lingerie wardrobe!

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