Denim: Styling summer’s new jean trends

Denim: Styling summer’s new jean trends

There is something about denim, right? Come summer I drop the velvets and pleathers and embrace denim for all it’s worth.

There is a common myth amongst women that denim, or jeans more specifically, are the source of all evil. That denim shopping is torturous. That once you find that golden pair of jeans, you should never look back. Jeans are a monogamous relationship – finding a pair dooms you to a life-long marriage of little variety. I think these myths have led to the rise of Gen Z’s sneering at the skinny-jean wearing millennials.

I don’t buy into these myths – I love denim. And so do many of you. The UK purchases 70 million pairs of jeans a year – and it isn’t because people can’t find a pair they like. It’s because denim is the most versatile of fabrics. It can fit one thousand and one shapes. When well made, it is durable, hard wearing. Denim can come in any colour. It can be ripped, stained, torn, and burnt and still look great. Denim can be firm or stretchy. It can suck you in, contour your body, and hold voluminous pleats.

Denim and I

Now, I should clarify here that I adore skinny jeans. They have been my best friend since I was 17 and I stole my then-boyfriends pair from Cheap Monday – they didn’t really do women’s skinnies back then. I wore them with military jackets, an Eton crop and aviators. Nothing has really changed – I still love skinny jeans and aviators. I won’t be cutting my hair any time soon though – I’m enjoying the 70s bangs far too much.

I do love to experiment with my denim though. And so this year I’m plunging into the denim offerings from and trying some new season denim. The type those Gen Z kids are flaunting so proudly. After all, I strongly believe there is more than one pair of jeans for all women. And so do who have the most amazing range of jeans in multiple styles, fits and lengths available in sizes UK 4 -32. I mean really, you’re spoilt for choice. And these are just a few of my favourites.

A cast back to flares

And I don’t mean the ’90s hipster flares of my adolescents. Sure, Britney would be proud of the skinny legs and blooming hems. But these beauties are high-waisted. No pesky thong in site!

Let’s be honest – I was worried about flares. I was worried I’d find the legs too skinny and the length too short for my 5ft10 frame. But these ’70s inspired flares are elongating, creating a tall and lean silhouette. They look equally as great with a pair of platform trainers as they do towering heels. And if you’re less than a 32inch leg then I would suggest the towering heels as this pair are long!

Style denim flares with floral blouses and statement collars or crop tops and an over-sized blazer. For a real 70s feel, add a fedora – it’s what I’ll be doing.

The faithful Mom jeans

I’m very glad that Mom jeans are hear for at least another season. They have long been my go-to style.

High in the waist with plenty of tummy support, Mom jeans skim the hips and taper gently around the thighs. I love my turned up and worn with awkward length, mid calf boots or paired with laid back trainers or sandals on warmer days. I love to style my Mom jeans with a statement blazer and skinny tee. Or a crisp white shirt and long-line jacket for cooler days.

My personal favourite are a pair of ripped Moms. They are the ultimate in relaxed style. But this slim-fitted pair are a great alternative for when you want to pair easy style with the potential of being a little more grown up with a pair of heels and some red lipstick for a night out. Plus, they’re stretchy!

Naked denim: ecru

Ecru has been around for a season or two now and is definitely worth the investment. Made from unbleached linen that is an off-white – more of a greyish-yellow. It is the perfect tonal shade for summer neutrals, working perfectly with a linen shirt or silk camisole. It works equally as well with ditsy florals and jewel-toned satins.

This pair is a high-waisted, straight leg jean in a cropped cut. This style creates an elongated leg cut straight from the hip to ankle. I love this length worn with a mid-height heel and a long-line blazer to dress up for the office. The ecru lends itself really well to workwear as it looks that little bit smarter than convention blue denims.

Yes, I love denim. So I guess the only question that remains is, which style do you think I should include in my wardrobe next?

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